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    Smoke Proper was created with the understanding that every smoker is different, and with this individuality should come the ability to customize your every smoke. The Smoke Proper Rolling Kit is an all-in-one, on the go, water & scent resistant container that holds everything you would need to roll your own on-the-go. For those that like to smoke but hate not having everything they need conveniently in one spot, we’ve solved the problem. The product includes 15ft of rolling paper (RAW & Elements) by the roll to which a customer can actually customize and choose whatever size paper they are in the mood for that day. This also comes with tobacco/herb dry storage, a roach clip/poker, a snubber ash tray, and the design can be converted to hold a full large Bic lighter and pre-rolls for an adventure. This is a great product for those who are smoking socially or by themselves, but we have also geared this product towards those that are on-the-go traveling or enjoying the outdoors. Life gets busy and hectic, sometimes it's nice to just conveniently have all your smoking essentials safe in one spot!